The Ultimate Science of Love and Compassion


Man has ever been looking upon death with fear and alarm. He has always been looking upon diseases with great awe. Intellectuals and scholars have always been taking advantage of this deep rooted panic in the hearts of fellow human beings. History has never tolerated excessive exploitation of ignorance and fear has never lasted long. We all need to think for a change.

Compassion and love for all living and non living things should emerge in our minds. Human beings are really the Crown of Creations. So it is our responsibility to take care of everything in this Universe. We should be willing to accept the right to live to all other species. We should understand the ultimate reality that we are only one among millions of living species on earth.


Nature is the abode for all living and non living things. Due respect should be given to each species.

Technology should not b used to exploit the ignorance of fellow human beings.

I Profit of one is the loss of another. Let us try to lessen the loss of others.


We wish to introduce ourselves as the advocates of the golden principle old are gold. We do not claim ourselves as the innovators of new ideas. We believe that these ideas were here since time immemorial.

Man is mortal. He is a living being with unique structure. Though are body of each men may seem to be similar, there are a lot of distinctly different differences. Hence we totally denounce the concept of universalisation of living things.

Diseases have been there at all times. It is not the fault of anyone to be attacked by diseases. So it is really inhumane and against all moral principles to exploit the diseased unreasonably and we are against all transplantations.

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